Discover how to install and set up IPTV for iOS/iPad/iPhone effortlessly. Our comprehensive tutorial guides you through the process, granting access to a world of captivating content on your Apple devices. Elevate your entertainment experience now!


Setting up IPTV on Apple/iOS devices is relatively straightforward. Here's a general guide on how to do it:

1. Install an IPTV App: Head to the Google Play Store on your Android phone and search for “IPTV” apps. You’ll find various options to choose from, such as  “Ottplayer ,””Smarters Player Lite,””GSE Smart IPTV,” “IPTV Smarters,” and more. Select the app you prefer and install it on your device.

2. Open the IPTV App: Once the app is installed, open it on your device (Ex : appeltv).

3. Enter Your Login Details: If your IPTV service requires login credentials, simply enter your username and password to sign in. If you don’t have an IPTV subscription yet, why wait? Get one now and start enjoying the benefits of IPTV right away!

4. Done! Enjoy.

Enjoy watching IPTV on your Appel/ios device and explore the vast selection of channels and content available at your fingertips! 

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